"I was so weak and tired all of the time"

    I saw Dr. Kosmides in early Jan. when he first consulted with me. His diagnose was amazingly precise.  He put me on wonderful program and gave me helpful information. After a few days  I felt great improvement. I stopped all the other supplements as I now had a plan. Now it's been 3 months since working with him,  I feel my energy has come back and I enjoy life so much more than before!  I have introduced my father and friends to consult Dr. Kosmides. They have been on his program for two months now. Both are doing great...                             Char  Dewar

                                                                                            Nevada City, CA

"I wanted to Lose Weight and get my Health back

and be out of Pain and I'm doing it..."

 I began to work with Dr. Kosmides for my health and my weight initially.

On my second visit Dr. George put me on specific nutritional support to help me.  I really wanted to get off my medication and I expressed that to both Dr. George and my medical doctor.  Dr. George worked with me and helped me to become more responsible and to basically “take charge” of me.  My goal was to get healthier so the drugs I was taking over time became unnecessary. All the while communicating to the doctor who prescribed them so we were both on the same page.  I was taking “Clonazepam” to help with my anxiety. I am pleased to say after 2 months of care by Dr. George I was able to reduce then eliminate the anti anxiety drug.  It was also making it difficult for me to focus and think clearly. I’ve lost weight and feel better overall.  Step by step I’m getting there…

                                                                                     Charmaine A.    Hilo, Hawaii

          "My blood sugar level  A1c  went from 11 to a 6.7 and my LDL/HDL/Chol became normal.  My Dr. had a hard time believing that the lab report was mine all in 90 days."

I am a foodie.  I thoroughly enjoy cooking and eating.  But I am also a type 2 diabetic.   My blood sugar level (A1C) earlier this year rose first to a 10, then three months later to an 11.

My other Doctor suggested I take medication, and if the levels continued to rise, that I may have had to do the insulin "trip".  I know there was no way I could administer insulin to myself.  I asked the Dr. if I could do an alternative program through Dr. Kosmides? My primary Dr. had heard of Dr Kosmides's work and gave me three months to try before he recommended drugs.  Guess what?  My blood sugar level  A1c  went from that 10 to a 6.7!  My primary Doctor had a hard time believing that the lab report was mine.  Awesome!  It works!  The program has made me much more observant of the ingredients, and the benefits of specific nutrition.  I also dropped weight and it continues to come off.

                                                          The program is do-able.  Thanks Dr. George.

                                                                   Virginia G,   Volcano, Hawaii

"Just What The Doctor Ordered"...

Dr. George has been consulting me on improving my health for years.  His advice is reasonable and applicable to my daily life. His goal is to find the underlining cause and get it eliminated, a no-nonsense approach.

Some time ago I discussed with my mother if she was open to working with Dr. George. To my amazement she accepted and the results have been more than I could have imagined.  Dr. George has been working with her via tele-clinics, over the phone and emails with spectacular results. 

               His insights and the uncanny ability to communicate complicated conditions and solutions in plain language is just what the doctor ordered.  I recommend George with complete confidence. 

                                                                                       Steven Griffith-

                                                                   Founder, High Performance Coaching

"The only problem was that he won't move to San Diego!"

Kim.jpgWell, it starts like this.  I was in Hawaii on vacation with my husband.  I had a horrible headache and nausea since I arrived in Hawaii.    It was day 4 and I had a massage, but no relief.  I've never had a headache for such a long time and I was really upset as it was ruining my vacation.  I am from San Diego and have been going to Chiropractors for a long time.  I know good ones and bad ones.  I went to my old standby, Yelp, and found Dr Kosmides whom was rated exceptional.  It was Saturday and I figured no one would be open like on the mainland.  Not only was he open, he had just had a cancellation.  Definitely good karma.  I was just looking for someone to adjust my neck and get rid of this headache.  It turns out he is a natural health guru also which was fantastic.  He found out I had an ear infection which was causing my nausea and I had not even been in the water yet.  

Dr. George recommended natural ear drops, adjusted me, and by the next day, I was feeling a lot better.  We were only in Hilo for 2 days, so it was a blessing that he was open, he just had a cancellation, and he was one of the best doctors I have been to.  The only problem was that he won't move to San Diego!  Also, his right hand office girl was exceptional and made me feel really welcome at the very beginning.  Thanks again!! The only problem was that he won't move to San Diego!

                                                                                                               Kim  H. San Diego, CA 


"My Blood tests were not so good"... 

Hi George just wanted to thank you and write a testimonial.  You have truly helped me, and all over the phone and emails. A lot of other people could really use your expertise. 

Aloha, I just wanted to thank Dr. George for everything he's done for me.  I had an anemia problem and a host of other "issues".  I thought that I was a relatively healthy middle aged male, taking no medication for medical problems, moderate exercise and leading an average stressful life. Dr. George went over my blood tests, and  results were startling... Although my cholesterol and sugar counts were within the "normal" range my other numbers were out of wack.  I joined his program and with his expertise and guidance we got everything to be where it should be.  I had no idea that I was on my way to becoming very sick.  Dr. George not only prevented impeding health issues but also taught me a different way of looking at what I put into my body.  My fiancee and I want to have children and we will be joining his program  to give our future child and us a great healthy head start.  Although Dr. George has and will continue to help people who are very sick, I want you all to know that prevention is the key, DON'T WAIT.  He can teach you and your family to live longer, healthier lives.  He addresses your individual needs and is there every step of the way.  Dr. George has been an advisor, a counselor and a friend, I can't thank him enough for the help he has given me.  Oh, by the way, I also lost 20 stubborn lbs. and counting simply by relearning what it means to live a healthier lifestyle.  

Mahalo Dr. George  This was submitted by a thankful

                                                                                          J. Matt Meyer    Oahu, Hawaii


"My blood sugar at its highest was 805 mg/dl and my kidneys were failing".

When I first called to see Dr. Kosmides and Total Health of Hawaii. I had dizzy spells, trouble sleeping and trouble going to the bathroom. I just did not feel well. I had been treating my Type II with medications for years.   

I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Kosmides after talking to my friend that was seeing great results with the program. 

After talking with Dr. Kosmides for a consultation, he really listened to me and my concerns.  He mapped out an easy-to-follow plan and gave me all the information and tools I needed. Within just a few weeks my sugar came down and I felt better overall.

I just completed my 3 month program and my average blood sugar is now around 130 mg/dl, a far cry from over 800.  I have lost over 23 lbs. and am able to function at a higher rate and be more productive. Most of all it was an easy program on both me and my family. 

The program was easy to follow, as I have the step-by-step manuals and Dr. Kosmides available to me. I am happy to say that what I learned has not only helped me but has also helped my family become healthier.  

I tell the doc “I could not have done this without you!  Dr. Kosmides always replies “were a team Aaron, I could not do any of this work without you following my instructions, Aaron, you’re who I'm here for".

I am so glad that I went through the program.  It has been a life changing experience.

Thank You,  Aaron

Hilo, Hawaii 


"My primary doctor can’t believe how fast your program has helped me".

Dear Dr. Kosmides,

        I can’t thank you enough for all the help and knowledge you have given me the past 10 weeks. I can’t believe how fast your program helped me get off most of my insulin as my doctor was compelled to by my improved readings.

My primary doctor always asks me if I’m eating because my sugar levels were so low and I keep telling him I’m eating more… 

“Also, my primary doctor’s nurse can’t believe how fast your program has helped me. She told me only a few patients in her lifetime turn their diabetes around and she couldn't wait to refer patients to your program”.

I went to my eye doctor appointment yesterday and she couldn't believe how much my eyes improved! I was shocked! I told her about your program, she was so happy it was helping me in every way. As weeks went by on your program, my family has seen the changes in me. I was much happier, less moody, more energetic, even wanted to exercise again. I have so much hope now since I've been in your program that I know I can reverse my type 2 diabetes. 

I can’t believe I lost 20 pounds in less than 10 weeks! Being in your program for only 2 months has taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle and motivated me to keep on doing this program because of all the positive changes I've seen in my health.                                                                                                                                    Mahalo,

                                                                Lindy Trimmer

                                                            Hawaii, Hilo

A healthy life and normal laboratory results


I began the program with Dr. Kosmides and in the three months from beginning the program my laboratory results have continued to improve. I feel stronger and have even lost weight. In most areas my laboratory results have moved to normal in the areas that were extremely over normal are becoming near-normal. A truly amazing feat… My primary doctor after seeing these results was amazed to say the least.

For other people with chronic health issues like I had Dr. Kosmides and Total Health of Hawaii have been a god send. I urge them to go for a consultation as I did. They now offer virtual or over-the-phone consultations. My goal is to have good health and a better quality of life.

What I liked most about Dr. Kosmides and the office staff is that they listened to me and understood my health goals. I knew that my prescription medication was not an end-all goal it was not healing or curing anything. It was not the final answer.

After the consultation with Dr. Kosmides I knew this is direction that I wanted to go…Dr. Kosmides showed me the path to take and I took it willingly and it was easier than I thought it would be.

All I can say is that the programs health benefits have been far more than I ever considered and my primary Doctor is still amazed of what has happened.

I would recommend Dr. Kosmides and his programs as it is easy to follow. You get so much support via the office, Internet or over the phone making following Dr. Kosmides advice is easy  to do.  He and his office staff helped me every step of the way.

Sincerely, Gilbert Canario    

Kona, Hawaii

"Success is ... having a healthy baby"...

"When I got married, my endocrinologist would always joke with me: 'Oh, it's time to get pregnant!' " says Elizabeth, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was 23 years old.


"When we were ready to start trying, is when I went to see Dr. Kosmides, he made it all make sense. At the outset, Dr. Kosmides and I had a plan. We would maintain an A1C of 6  or lower for the entire pregnancy, and I would have a completely natural birth.

Not surprisingly, there was effort, but the tips and information from Dr. Kosmides made it easy to follow. I and Dr. Kosmides office tracked my glucose levels with a continuous glucose monitor, faxed a log of my blood glucose readings to Dr. Kosmides each week for suggested adjustments and kept pregnancy cravings in check. You always hear, Oh, when you're pregnant, you're eating for two, But you only need an extra 300 to 500 calories per day. That's not a lot." To make sure my blood glucose was in control during delivery, I had my husband test throughout labor.

I had a 6-pound, 1-ounce baby girl named Leah. "I have the funniest and most adorable baby, and that alone is a success," I worked with Dr. Kosmides, followed his reasonable sound health advice and everything went well.

Elizabeth C. / 28
Canton, Ohio

"Success is ... making me and my Tennis game, Great!"

Tennis is in Jordan C's blood. His parents played in a local league, and his older brother, Mike, now competes for the University of Kentucky. Jordan caught the bug at age 8, and earlier this year he knocked out dozens of title hopefuls in the Junior Wimbledon tournament to finish second after Russian Andrey Kuznetsov. Now he's joined the pros.

The tennis phenom's record speaks for his natural ability, but what makes his story more phenomenal is the fact that Jordan has had type 1 diabetes since he was 4 years old. "I try and forget about it a little bit out there," he says. "I don't want to make excuses." Off court, Cox is fully aware of his diabetes, monitoring how his demanding daily schedule-five to six hours of practice plus an hour or two lifting weights or running, punctuated by two breaks and lunch-affects his blood glucose levels. "During matches, the adrenaline kicks in and that makes the glucose go higher," he says. "When I get high, it can affect some things on court." To make sure he's in control, Cox tests his glucose before every match. "You can't let [diabetes] hold you back," he says. "You can still achieve whatever you want." Dr. Kosmides has made it easy for me and was a bit of a stretch at first to believe what he was telling me. By eating the meal plan and nutrition designed by Dr. Kosmides I have more energy than ever and my insulin usage is down 70%.

Sincerely, Jordan C

Duluth, IO 


"Blood Sugar at 771 - That was me honest…"

My name is David my wife worked with Dr. Kosmides and I thought he was a nice enough fellow but really didn't think he could help me.

One day when I was the office to pick up my wife I felt a bit dizzy. My wife suggested that I have a consultation with Dr. Kosmides. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I did. After a brief but revealing consultation

Dr. Kosmides asked for a simple laboratory test and the results of this test were astounding. My blood sugar was 771 mg/dl I was floored. Normal blood sugar is between 80 and 120. Dr. Kosmides worked with me and his medical doctor colleague and over the next several weeks my blood sugar averaged 110 to 135 and at the end of 90 days my A1C was under 6.

Skeptical and now I know I was ignorant to natural ways both nutritionally and dietary to improve my health. Dr. Kosmides made it all makes sense, and was reasonable making sure I kept my MD appointments.  Dr. Kosmides would say " laboratory testing will support this work, reductions will happen due to objective improvements". All of this at the same time he  showed a level of caring and sincerity that I will always remember.

David J. 
Phoenix, Arizona

Kelly_C.jpg"Health and My Baby"

I am an extremely lucky person.  I was blessed with a healthy first pregnancy, labor/delivery.  However, I wasn't so lucky and had a partial molar pregnancy the second time around.

I had no idea why this happened - and Dr. George changed my life.  (NOT an easy thing to do).  Prior to George, I was eating McDonald's daily, and the only time I exercised was walking to my phone.

 Now, I eat better, feel better - even though I am older.  He is a good man - truly cares about you and your health. He knows his stuff, and not only will he adjust your body, he'll adjust your attitude and life.  I wish there were 10 stars here - he would earn them!

                                                                                                                          Kelly C esq.

                                                                                                                    Los Angeles, CA 


 "I honestly feel that I've turned an important corner"

"I've had painful arthritic condition since my late teens known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. Chiropractic has always been my main approach to finding any pain relief. Dr. Kosmides had me focus also on my eating for a better long term solution. With a combination of a better diet and his adjustments & acupuncture treatments, I've had a more lasting relief from any pain and stiffness. I honestly feel that I've turned an important corner and can now live a pain free life after years of struggling with inflammation and stiffness. I was                                                                     helped a great deal…"                                                                                               

                                                                           Tom Dale



"My Lupus is much better."

"Dr. George Kosmides is an amazing doctor and NRT (nutritional reflex testing) specialist, and seeing him has made a huge difference in my well being. Not only did he help me when I was having terrible back problems as well as symptoms from Lupus, but he also taught me quite a bit about nutrition which has helped me understand how to take care of myself better. I recommend all my friends in L.A. and Hawaii to seek his knowledge and expertise!"

Tracy Larrua  Oahu, Hawaii



"Corrected my Digestive issues"

"Dr. Kosmides is on the cutting edge of all natural and alternative healings for most any unwanted body symptoms. He personally helped me with chronic back pain and corrected my digestion issues. While medications and prescription can offer short term relief, I highly recommend you see Dr. Kosmides to find the true source and cause of your discomfort."

                                                                                                                           Berny Puzik                                                                                                                        Los Angeles, CA

Sung_Hong.jpgTop qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

"Dr. George has been my doctor for my whole family for the last six years. He has always been professional and reliable when it comes to any family health related issues. His practice was focused on ensuring wellness of entire family members through holistic approach. Thanks to Dr. George's treatment, my whole family has been able to enjoy good health. Furthermore, he educated my family on healthy lifestyles as well. Thank you so much!

                                                                       Dr.  Sung Hong                                                                                                                        Northern California 


"I was in pain and I was tired all of the time."

Dr. George took his time with me,  and over a few weeks my pain and low energy were much better. My health and laboratory work showed great improvement too.  I was able to lose a few pounds with the simple "tricks," which also were easy to do. Thank you, Dr. George, for giving me my health back. 'Thank you for giving me my health back!'

Rick Meek 

Tucson, AZ

"I wasjerry_w.jpg able to move more freely as my Blood sugar improved"

After 24 years as a mail carrier and my car accident, my knees and back were a mess -- bad arthritis that's worse when it rains. Dr. Kosmides helped me fix my problems.Over only a few treatments, I was able to move more freely. The diet, nutrition and adjustments have helped me so much. Thank you.

Jerry P

 Goodyear, Arizona

                     "I became better in a short time"


Before coming to see Dr. Kosmides, I received three spinal pain-block shots over a period of months, with little or no relief from the pain. I also had numbness running down my legs. I was stiff and felt a lack of energy.My wife, a patient of Dr. George's, suggested that I come for an exam. At first, I was reluctant, but with constant suffering I decided to see him. My low back disk pain and low energy that I suffered from became better in a short time. I am able to do things that were un-doable before.                                               

Darin Scott

Los Angeles, CA

Mary_S.jpg"Serious about losing weight? Work with Dr. George"

Dr. George treats the whole person. His plan is sound, easy to follow, and tailored for each person. I highly recommend Dr. George for anyone who wants to finally gain control of their weight and become lean. Dr. George and his team are supportive, professional and dedicated in making you see real results.

Mekhail, Alabama


"This doctor has helped me more than any doctor or specialist I have ever seen."

I am amazed at the knowledge that he has. I am embarrassed how long it took me to see him.It took me a long time to finally go in to see Dr. George. I had only been to, and disappointed by, western style doctors and thought that holistic natural healing was a bunch of bunk.

After Dr. George moved his practice to Hawaii  and I found he offered Tele clinic or phone sessions practice, I sought him out.

I searched here in LA for other natural doctors, and confirmed my previous belief: most holistic natural doctors are a bunch of bunk. They have good intentions, but they don't have anywhere near the knowledge that Dr. George has. I am now doing the 3 month program by phone with Dr. George and what a difference in just 3 weeks.

I had been having horrible PMS, and was home sick every time I had my period. Other doctors have that "Well, that’s the way it is" attitude. Dr. George does not. We went to work to fix it. I have my period at the end of the month…holiday time. Last year I was so sick with menstrual pain both times I saw my family. This year my parents showed up to Thanksgiving with concerned faces carrying boxes of Midol and Pepto bismol. I didn't need either. I am so thankful for Dr. George's help, all over the phone and emails.

 I am starting to feel more energy. I am starting to feel like myself again. Christmas is at the end of next month. Instead of being nervous about my symptoms, I am excited to be healthy with my family.


Los Angeles, CA

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